New Way Ministries and Project Hope Food Bank work to break the chain of poverty by faithfully serving a variety of basic human social service needs.




Project Hope Food Bank helps provide food for people at their immediate point of need.  We work to break the chain of poverty by providing food and assistance to our community.



New Way Ministries is a transitional living facility for homeless women and children who may be struggling from addiction, domestic violence, human trafficking, or crisis pregnancy. Our mission is to minister to the immediate needs of each woman and child and provide care and counsel in a loving Christian atmosphere. We work with families to find a find stable and permanent living environment, dependable income, and encourage loving, safe parent/child relationships. We are currently able to house 23 families and provide 24 hour staff and support at our facility in Lynden, Washington. We are grateful to be able to provide a place for these families to make a change and find a new way.



Giving to the ministries and mission of New Way and Project Hope is greatly appreciated!  We could not do this work without the generous support of our donors. Thank you for your donation or for choosing to be a monthly donor!


"I love my New Way family and will be forever grateful for what a difference you have made in my life. You inspire me to pay it forward, and someday I will!" ~Former Resident